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Modular Home Questions

What is a modular home?

We refer to a modular home as a house that had been manufactured at a facility and transported to the permanent building site.  It may come in one complete piece or multiple pieces depending on its size.

Can a modular home be built with a basement?

We have models that can be placed over a basement and other models that are not intended to cover a basement.  Other models yet can be ordered either way.  If you order a unit to place over a basement, you have the option to place the furnace and electrical panel in the basement, so the houses can be shipped with these items placed accordingly.

What is included in the modular home?

This is a question you want to make sure you get answered before you order.  Know what you are getting and what you are not.  Our Fairmont Homes come complete with flooring installed, appliances included and placed and drapes hung.  The single wide units can be ordered with a vinyl covered gypsum board so the walls are already finished upon delivery.  The sectional homes ship with primed drywall and will need to be painted after installation.

Why should I consider a modular home?

There are 2 main reasons that someone may consider one of our modulars.  The first is price – typically, we can install a modular home for you for 20-30% less than a site-built house.  The second is the build speed.  We can often deliver your completed home approximately 8-10 weeks after you order it.  This can be very relevant if your building project is time sensitive and you need a place shortly.

Why are modular homes cheaper?

The simple answer is “economy of scale”.  You are comparing a factory where thousands of houses get built each year.  Materials can be bought in bulk, the workers are working in an indoor, controlled environment, doing their job daily (they become very good and efficient), the build is not subject to factors such as weather or even the delays of other contractors.

What about quality?

All of the houses we sell are built to meet or exceed any relevant Ontario building codes, and according to CSA A277 standards.  In fact, not only does this building have to last you family for many years, we first have to ship it to your site.  Our homes are built solid enough to transport and be placed at your site.  You can be assured of a quality finished product.  By building the homes indoors in the factory, all the materials are protected and they are not subject to weather during the building process.

What quality is the kitchen?

The kitchen cupboards in all of our Fairmont homes are built from solid wood.  You can choose Maple or Oak and a variety of finishes.  The cabinetry is all crafted in the Fairmont factory, they are not cheaply built from pressboard.  Our kitchens will remain functional for many years.

Have a question?

Need more info?  No problem, just contact Northern Comfort Modular Homes and we will be happy to sit down with you and go ogver your ideas.

Want to see one?

We have a couple houses set up at our sales site in Trout Creek that you can come and see in person, we would be happy to show you around and help you choose one

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