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We are a dealer for Fairmont Homes, and as such, we have a number of floorplans available ranging in size up to 2330 sq ft.

All of the homes we display meet Ontario Building Codes and will be ordered to meet the building requirements in your area.


The least expensive homes come as single section homes.  These units are all one piece when they arrive and are very easy to install.  They come complete, with flooring, furnace, appliances, hot water all installed and ready to go.  They are available up to 1165 sq ft as a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom model.  They can NOT, however, be installed over a basement.  They are designed to be simple and affordable.  Click HERE for our Single Unit floorplans 


We also have a variety of two sectional homes.  These units come as 2 or 3 pieces and can typically be installed over a pad, crawlspace or basement.  We offer configurations from 2-4 bedrooms and they range in size from 1165-2330 sq ft.  The homes come complete with walls painted, flooring installed, appliances, furnace, hot water all included.  Our crew will come and install these homes for you so it is very easy for you to build a home.  Take a look at our floorplans and connect with us so we can get you a home you will enjoy.  Click HERE for our Sectional florplans.

For nearly forty years Fairmont Homes has met the dreams of home owners seeking beautifully personalized value packed homes. Today we offer even more exciting choices and custom features to further enhance your lifestyle. Our industry leading, on site cabinet craftsmen continue to build beautiful hardwood custom kitchen cabinet selections. We offer customized entertainment centers, unique built in storage cabinets, planning desks and more!

Fairmont Homes interior designers continually incorporate design trends from around the world to bring to life our color pallets with carpets, countertops, ceramic tiles, beautiful wood cabinets and window treatments. These exciting options allow you to custom design your home to your individual taste preference. Our state of the art climate controlled manufacturing facilities in partnership with our design teams offer floor plan choices and home layouts engineered with ENERGY STAR features and ease of maintenance. We continually strive to meet the needs and desires of busy families, empty nesters and home buyers realizing their dream of ownership for the first time.

Fairmont invites you to view our many home designs that feature brand names such as Pella, Trane, Owens Corning and Moen. Discover a new and better way to build your dream home at a fraction of the cost of traditional site construction.

Find out more at www.FairmontHomes.com


Here are some videos…  One of the Fairmont plant and one of a modular build.

Fairmont Homes uses only brand name components while building their homes.  Faucets, appliances, paint and flooring are all quality products you can rely on.